And The Winners Are...

We've picked a winner!!!! Six winners even!!!!

PBR Photo Contest

First prize, a FANTASTIC PBR MINI FRIDGE, and a free party pack for NCD 2010 goes to...

Washington DC's National Corndog Day 2009 by NotasNarrowHouse

Second prize, $50 and a free party pack for NCD 2010 goes to...

Do you think the fryer oil is hot enough? by canby

Third prize, $25 and a free party pack for NCD 2010 goes to...

PBR: Puma, Beer, (w)Restler by corndogfan

And our two runners up each receive a free party pack for NCD 2010...

Corndogs, Tots, PBR and Nacho Cheese Fountain by Cornholio

American Pride by Philly

Jones Soda Poetry Slam

And the winner of the still totally undefined Jones Soda Prize Pack is...
The shakespearean stylings of What ?? by RogerDoger

Congratulations to all the winners! We'll get in touch with you via email - if you don't hear from us in a week or so, check your spam folders and drop us a line...

PBR Photo Contest Results

Holy Golden Corn Dogs!

Thank you NCD committee so very much for selecting my photo. Celebrating NCD Day, with some Ice Cold Pabst has been a blast, and I look forward to continuing it in 2010!

Special thanks again to WGN Radio's Nick Digilio, and Andy Hermann for having Brady on Nick's show, and for introducing this fantastic event to us here in the Chicago metro area!!!

And remember: Never, Never, Never, ever put Ketchup on any type of dog!!!

Luv's Dem Dogs, Illinois

Congrats to the winners!

I only wish I was as clever or creative. Your corndog passion is fantastically represented. I salute you all.

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