2009 PBR Photo Contest - OH YES IT'S ON AGAIN

The 2009 PBR Photo Contest is now closed!

Go on, get your cameras ready, find that creative spark and some friends willing to smile and say "cheese" in the name of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and National Corndog Day.

It is with great excitement that we here at NCD headquarters proudly present the second annual Pabst Blue Ribbon photo contest. Like last year's contest, the rules are simple but the prizes are bigger. First prize will take home their very own PBR mini fridge (something every corndog party needs), second prize $50, third $25 and each of the top five will also have a free NCD party pack sent to them for their 2010 festivities.

Your submitted photo must at minimum, include PBR and a corndog. Photos that don't will not be considered. Judges will be on the lookout for something unique that encapsulates the spirt of NCD.

To enter, simply find a bit of inspiration, point, shoot, and submit your photo on the NCD website. The contest will be open to submissions for 10 days ending March 31st. Winners to be declared on April 3rd, one entry per party so make it count.

Please keep it (mostly) clean.

See all the entries here


Will the certificates be available for download before tomorrow? I'd like to include them in my photo entry.


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