Announcing the First Annual PBR Photo Contest

Corndoggers -- we have a special treat this year. As part of welcoming Pabst Blue Ribbon into the World of National Corndog Day, they are sponsoring a photo contest. The five winning submissions will earn $50 each -- enough for plenty of PBR and dogs.

The rules are pretty simple:
- during your National Corndog Day Party, take some great photos of you, family, and friends enjoying PBR;
- submit them through the National Corndog Day website by the Wednesday after NCD -- March 26, 2008. That should give you plenty of time to shake off the aftermath of NCD and do your best photo editing work; ;)
- The NCD Crew will go through the pictures and choose 5 winners based on our own biased and top secret criteria -- primarily consisting of pictures that make us laugh, cry, and celebrate the wonder and goodness that is NCD.
- We will announce the winners by April 7th, the same day as the NCAA National Championship Game, and display the winning pictures on the NCD website.

To enter a photo in the contest, login to the site and upload a photo. Corndoggers have always been creative and enthusiastic people, so we can't wait to see what y'all come up with.

Post any questions here and we'll make sure they get answered for everyone.

Good luck!

Good work greg-o

McGannon in the house - Excellent work on NCD, a true powerhouse.

National Capitol press corps staking out the event this year.

Miss you buddy, wish you could party Narrow style.



The NCD party the sign ups are over.

You just have a party. The

You just have a party. The sign up for sponsored parties is over.

party, party, party

This will be my first but a party to remeber.


how do i enter for party

come back next year

and sign up before the deadline.

but yeah, there's no reason you can't have a party anyway - and the photo contest is open to all registered users, not just party hosts.

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