Why do we corndog?

Katrin attended her first Corndog Day while passing through DC during springbreak 1999. Yes, the infamous 1999 corndog day in Brady's apartment. She was hooked, and attended other Corndog Day celebrations while living in DC (there was some speculation that she moved there for the corndogs, but that appears to be, at least partially, rumor). She has since moved north to Vermont, but her yearning for meat on a stick has only grown stronger. This year she has vowed to take action, and show those in her corndog-challenged state what it means to be a true corn dogger from Corn Valley. What her 5'2" frame lacks in corndog eating capacity, she makes up for in her ability to convince others to keep consuming. She learned from the best there is, and she has seen those not worthy fall to a corndog induced doom. It promises to be an event that will live in Burlington lore for many years to come.

Weight conversions for triple double

Something to keep in mind, rookies:

10 dogs (ea. 1/4 lb) = 2.5 lb
10 beers (ea 12 floz, 1 fl oz about 1 oz) = 120 oz = 7.5 lb
10 tot units (1 tot = 0.4 oz) = 2.5 lb

Total: 12.5 lb

Sure, you'll pee out most of the beer, but it'll be a while until the other extra weight passes thru.

Triple Double advice to rookies?

Several of the guests to the Burlington party have proclaimed that they can perform a triple double with ease, and they do not seem to think that it is a feat of extreme eating prowess. As I am the only one that will be at the Burlington party who has ever attended Corndog Day in the past, I am afraid for them. Do you Triple Double vets out there have any advice for these cocky rookies? Or do we just shut up and let the corndogs do the talking?

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